Happy Wednesday, friends!

I have always had an incredibly supportive, close, connected and loving family-something which does not go unnoticed, especially the older I get, nor is it unappreciated.

In part because of that, and in part because of studies and lectures I’ve listened to, I truly believe that family and a supportive network of loved ones (all kinds of love, all kinds of relationships) is what ultimately leads to a healthy, fulfilled life.

Lissa Rankin was one of the speakers I got to see over the weekend and based on what I just stated, I am a huge fan of hers.

She shared a story that I found profound, so I want to share (my very paraphrased version of) it with you.

Back in the 1950s/60s this little town in PA called Roseto, was populated by Italian immigrants from one particular town in Italy. Move forward some time and a cardiologist from NYC was at his vacation home in the Poconos when he was at a bar one night and met another cardiologist, from Roseto, PA. This cardiologist was telling the NYC doctor that he couldn’t figure it out-he had never seen any cases of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Roseto, while it  was rampant throughout the rest of the population in the U.S. In all the history of this town, though, there were no reported cases. The doctor from NYC, of course, didn’t believe him so he went to Roseto himself. Sure enough, it’s true. No CVD to be found. “Well, they must eat a healthy Mediterranean diet-it’s all that olive oil”. Nope. The people of Roseto are blue collar workers-very poor, they couldn’t afford olive oil. And? They live off a diet of meatballs fried in lard, tons of pasta and bread, bottles of red wine-oh, and they all smoke. “Well, it must be genes then.” So they study the people in the small town in Italy, and they study all the immigrants they can find across the U.S. from this particular town in Italy and…they all have the same prevalence of CVD as the rest of the U.S. So they start testing environmental factors and other lifestyle factors. Nothing makes sense. Of course by now the interest of just what is going on this town has piqued the interest of plenty of cardiologists and when they find the only answer-none of them believe it. As Lissa mentions, it’s tough for “us doctors to go through 12 years of school to realize there’s more to health than Western medicine.”

What’s the secret?

The people of Roseto have that familial, supportive, nurturing community that has been lost with the American Dream. When someone in the town is having a rough time, the rest of the town pitches in and supports them. They don’t know what welfare is. When someone needs childcare, the community helps out. Generations all live near each other and share meals and holidays together.

Well, eventually the first generation of Americans go to college-the first of the town. Guess what happens? They realize “Roseto kinda sucks”. It’s poor and blue collar and uneducated…they don’t come back after college…fast forward to today and Roseto has the same rates of CVD and every other preventable killer out there as the rest of the States.

After 8 years in a conventional medical setting, Lissa (who has a very conventional education from Duke and Northwestern, and who’s father is a doctor as well) went to Marin, CA in the Bay Area, where she worked at an Integrative Medicine clinic.

All her patients were, unsurprisingly, the picture of health. They all worked out daily, they drank their green juices daily, took yoga three times a week, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink excessively…and? They had a laundry list of ailments. She of course was like “what is going on here? These people do everything right, if they are still suffering from the biggest ailments and killers in America, no one else stands a chance.”

She began asking her patients “what would you prescribe yourself if you knew how to heal yourself”. And they ALL knew. Immediately. She heard things like: ” I would quit my job”, “I would get a divorce”, “I would put my child into rehab”, “I would put myself into rehab”, “I would move to Santa Fe” (<–REPRESENT!! haha) at this point she goes “Santa Fe? Why specifically Santa Fe?” and this particular patient goes “I don’t know what it is about Santa Fe, but every time I’m there, all my pain and all my symptoms just go away”.

So then her next step is always “okay, so follow the prescription you just wrote yourself.” And guess what everyone says?

“ARE YOU CRAZY?? I can’t quit my job!! I can’t get divorced! I would never actually move to Santa Fe-I can’t leave my job here.”

What Lissa and a number of other doctors found is that people are more willing to live on 12 prescription meds and be unhappy than take a giant risk and follow what they KNOW would naturally heal them.

As some of you may be aware, studies have been coming out in the recent years showing that positivity and contentment actually change our biochemistry.

What does this mean?

Well, for one thing, to me it means if you’re genetically predisposed to something (breast cancer, alzheimer’s, CVD, diabetes) don’t for one second tell yourself you will develop it as you age and that it is out of your control.

But the main takeaway for me?


Surround yourself by supportive, loving people and let yourself develop meaningful relationships with them. 

Rid yourself of toxic surroundings, whether that be a job, a spouse or partner, friends, or a city that you don’t feel right in.

We all know what we truly want in life, but only the brave follow their heart and their instincts. 

Remember on Monday when I talked about Marie Forleo and painting your picture? Guys, she landed a job on the trading floor on Wall Street at 22. Do you know how hard that is?? And she was one of the only females. She spent her early twenties landing one “dream job” after the next, always leaving on her own terms because something didn’t feel right. One day, after a few years of this job hopping and worrying something was wrong with her, asking herself why she couldn’t hold a job (guys, this was like looking in a mirror-not bad when the person speaking is Marie TV herself ;) ), the HR department at her current job (she was working for Conde Nast at the time) called and offered her a promotion, to go work for Vogue. Dream job, right? Well, a few days prior she had been reading a magazine and read an article about some chick calling herself a “Life Coach”. Marie had no idea what that was but knew she wanted to be one. So she was at her proverbial fork in the road: Vogue or quit and figure out this “Life Coach” thing. We all know what she chose.

What would you do if you had no fear of falling?

Almost over the hump!



Happy  Monday!

OMG, you guys, I just spent my weekend at the most amazing conference hosted by Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

It was a weekend filled with 1,000+ like minded people (okay, almost entirely women) listening to arguably some of the biggest names in integrative medicine and holistic health and wellness (Dr. Oz was one of many).

It was the perfect weekend for me to geek out HARD over all things healthy living.

While I learned SO much and was trying so hard to both listen to every.single.word spoken while memorizing it-FOREVER, haha-some points REALLY stood out and I want to share them with you because I found them incredibly poignant and profound.

Marie Forleo totally blew me away.

I’m sure some (many!) of you have heard of her as she is THE woman behind B-School-which is huge. Her story is incredibly inspiring and she’s as down to Earth, inspiring, and REAL as they come. I strongly encourage all of you to check her out.

She discussed this idea of painting a picture of your life and business 3 years from now.

The idea?

Take some time out of your busy day (you DO have time, don’t even start ;) ) and actually sit down and write down every last detail of how you want your life and career to look and feel 3 years from now.

What does your life look like?

What does your life feel like?

What does your life sound like?

Where do you live?

What do your weekends look like?

Do you travel?

What do you spend your non-working time doing?

Are you married?

What does your schedule look like?

What does your bank account look like?

Do you have pets?

Do you have kids?

If you own a business do you have a staff?

Are you out of a bad relationship/marriage and single?

Write down every.single.detail.

Think Van Gogh painting. You all know what Van Gogh works look like, right? With all the “dots” of color creating one fluid, beautiful piece of work?

Yeah, well that is the kind of detail that should be in YOUR picture.

From this picture, create a yearly calendar broken down into a master project list, weekly priorities, and daily actions.

Guys, I love love LOVE this concept.

The next step?

Write down the top 7 excuses you always use to hold yourself back from living the life you want.

Here’s my favorite part: go through that list of 7 excuses and call bull shit on every one.

Not quite getting it? I’ll share mine:

1. I don’t have the money- BULL SHIT!

2. I don’t know enough-BULL SHIT!

3. I don’t know how to start-BULL SHIT!

4. I’m not experienced enough-BULL SHIT!

5. I’m a phony-other women are the perfect picture of healthy living and I like…well, living too much, how will anyone ever follow health advice from a girl who eats dessert and drinks beer?-BULL SHIT!

6. I don’t have the time-BULL SHIT!

7. I don’t have a clear vision-BULL SHIT!

See? Isn’t this fun? :)

5 years ago I wouldn’t have had the self awareness to call bull shit on myself, now I find joy and inspiration in it. ;)

Along those lines you HAVE to start doing everything in your life like a pro.

Marie talked a lot about the idea of pro versus amateur. She discussed that everything you do in your life you do it as if you’re a pro or as if you’re an amateur. She even asked us to think about how we make our breakfast or our beds in the morning.

Do you sloppily slap your breakfast together? Or grab whatever is within arm’s reach? Do you just throw your duvet up and call it good? What IS this, amateur hour??

Start owning everything you do and acting like a pro in every aspect of your life and that will carry over into how you view yourself as a professional and what you get out of both your personal and professional life.

Most of us, I’m sure everyone reading this blog, are incredibly privileged. We have the opportunity to truly follow and live our dreams because we grew up where and how we did.

There is absolutely no reason each and every one of you cannot live the life you want to live.

Cannot have the career or business you want to have.

Think about times in your life when you found a way to make something happen.

Marie used the great example of college and always using the excuses of “I don’t have money” or “I have way too much studying to do” to turn down all sorts of offers you weren’t interested in until the cute boy or cute girl ask you to do something with them.

All the sudden your calendar clears, you have all sorts of free time, you open a new credit card, you set your alarm for 4AM to study, you DO WHATEVER IT TAKES BECAUSE YOU WANT IT.

Relating to self-care and healthy living, I always think of the excuse I hear from people ALL THE TIME.

“I don’t have time to work out.”


You won’t MAKE time to work out.

Okay, easy for me to call others out on that one because I make exercise a priority.

But what excuses do I use for myself all the time?

I don’t have time, I don’t have money, the time is not right (<–that last one is absolutely ridiculous, the time is NEVER right).

Bull shit, bull shit, bull shit.

I know it, you know it.

So here’s my challenge for you today.

Paint your picture. Write down the top 7 excuses you use that are NOT LETTING YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Come up with 5 action items that you can take to live your life starting NOW.

We ALL know what we truly want but in studies (this will be a whole other post, get excited! haha), people would would rather be miserable but safe , even though over and over when people are asked to write their own prescription for how to heal themselves (and their lives) they KNOW and can shout an answer instantaneously (spoiler alert: it’s things like “I would quit my job”).

The worst thing of all is to die with regret. Do NOT wake up 6 months from now with the same dream doing the same non-actions. Holding yourself back with the same excuses.










Hey friends!

Long time no blog. As the weather gets warmer out here in NYC, I have been out and about enjoying it and not around to blog much!

I have also had a lot going on work-wise. I just got back from a week long conference in San Francisco! :)

I got in a couple of good runs along the water, learned a lot about the cloud, and ate some good food.









Moscone Convention Center

Moscone Convention Center







At the conference-break in between sessions :)

At the conference-break in between sessions :) The ServiceNow “guys” wandered around the entire time and happened upon my team

It was the first time I was in California since I graduated college four (!!) years ago. Felt so good. :)

The other day I was going over some coursework for a class I’m taking at Institute for Integrative Nutrition (it’s a 6 month continuation of the Health Coach Training Program I took 2 years ago) and while all the lectures are incredibly interesting to me, Danielle LaPorte’s was especially interesting.

While I found myself taking notes throughout the entirety of her lecture, her words on negative self-talk were especially inspiring to me.

Long-time readers know that in the past I’ve had a serious problem with negative self-talk.

In fact, that is one of the biggest reasons I started my first blog three years ago.

When I found that the more people I opened up to about what was going on in my head and body (which I of course thought I was alone in), the more people I would find that would say: “oh yeah, I have those (fill in negative thought) thoughts all the time about (fill in area of insecurity)”, so I decided to share my story in the hopes of making others feel like they are not alone.

I also found myself getting more and more surprised by the types of people agreeing with me and sharing their own feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy.

These people were people who I thought had it all figured out. Beautiful, athletic, smart, hard-working, friendly, compassionate, well put-together women and men all had some level of negative self-talk going on, in some aspect of his or her life.

Do you ever have feelings that you’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, not experienced enough, not educated enough, not skinny enough, not…enough?

I challenge you to stop the negative self talk.

We all struggle with negative self talk at some point in our lives, at least to some extent, and we are all so much more capable, qualified, intelligent and beautiful than we think we are.

While I (like so many people!) have struggled with negative self talk around pretty much everything at one point or another, one of the things I’ve had the hardest time with (no surprise, long time readers!), is body image.

So how did I slowly stop? It sounds cheesy as hell, but I would thank my body for working so hard for me through everything-even as I trashed it.

I remember the first time I tried this “trick” was while I was running  slowly lumbering and heaving my body in what was supposed to be a jog. I was yet again 30 pounds overweight, having re-gained the weight for a FIFTH time, frustrated and angry at myself after vowing, as always, that I would never gain the weight back again.

I remember sucking air like I was dying, every joint and tendon and muscle in my body screaming in agony. The absolute worst part? My soul and my whole being just feeling incredibly defeated, incredibly embarrassed (“everyone I know must be saying ‘oh wow, Laura gained all that weight AGAIN?! Why doesn’t she have any self-control or self-respect?’ ” OR strangers saying “look at that fat girl trying to run!”). I looked down at my pale, chubby thighs (painfully) rubbing together and instead of the stream of negative self-talk that normally flowed from my mind, I consciously thanked my chubby legs for still moving forward, despite me putting on and taking off the same weight for 5 years straight (that is A LOT of pressure on your joints). I thanked my heart and lungs for keeping going despite the same yo-yo weight loss and gain.

Guess what? It was the start of a whole new journey.

Negative self-talk can be as minuscule and innocuous as saying you don’t like your hair color to something much bigger, like not applying for your dream job because you don’t think you’re qualified or smart enough, or, like me, struggling with disordered eating and body image issues for years.

The bottom line is that if you consciously focus on the POSITIVE, consciously list what you’re grateful for, and consciously distract your mind whenever the negative self-talk starts in-you will start to change your life.

Keep it going, and you WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Questions of the day:

What is an area where you consistently struggle with negative self-talk? What is some aspect of your mind, body or character that you are grateful for?

You show the world how to treat you.

~Maya Angelou



Happy Monday friends!

Hopefully the weekend was good to you-relaxing, productive, fun-hopefully a little bit of all three. :)

I love Ted Talks. They’re a total rabbit hole for me and I find such an enormous amount of motivation and inspiration from a number of the talks.

“It’s a fine line between having the grace to let go

of something you don’t have control over and just can’t beat…

and I could be in that place…except I had to ask myself,

is there a way?”

~Diana Nyad

Anyone that knows me will see it as no surprise that one of my favorite Ted Talks is Diana Nyad’s. Not only is her story insanely inspirational, but she is an engaging and humorous speaker.


Enjoy. :)




To be vulnerable is one of the most uncomfortable human emotions.

When we feel vulnerable we try any number of actions to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling.

We may avoid social situations, we may bury ourselves in work, we may avoid work, we may eat to distract ourselves, we may drink to distract ourselves.

We may procrastinate on taking action-whether it’s action toward a goal or action away from a toxic situation. Or maybe it’s an innocuous situation, but we need to make a change away from that situation because it simply is not working and needs to be changed.

The root of why we feel vulnerable might be that we don’t want someone else to see some part of us that is embarrassing, that is less than glamorous, the part of us that is raw.

Or maybe we don’t want our conscious selves to know something to be true about ourself.

Or maybe we don’t want to make a change because most people, by nature, would rather be just fine or even unhappy because at least we know what to expect, rather than to try something completely new and be removed from our comfort zone.

Or maybe we don’t know how to be alone.

Or maybe we’re embarrassed to admit our dreams and go after them because we think we are not knowledgeable enough, not smart enough, not attractive enough, not strong enough, not fast enough, not…enough.

Starting line of D.C. Rock n' Roll Marathon-People knowing they ARE enough

Starting line of D.C. Rock n’ Roll Marathon-People knowing they ARE enough

It’s easier to continue to ignore that part of you that makes you feel vulnerable, that part of you that you don’t want to admit, to continue to ignore the steps you have to take to make positive changes in your life-that’s work-than it is to first acknowledge that a) you feel vulnerable and b) why you feel vulnerable; and then make the necessary changes.

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

The more quickly you learn that-and accept it-the more quickly you will begin to make positive changes in your life and start taking risks. High risk, high reward-right?

People who take risks are not afraid to be vulnerable-taking a risk IS being vulnerable.

Whether or not you’re afraid to chase a dream because you don’t want to fail or you are afraid to leave a bad situation or change something about yourself (that’s okay-the unknown is frightening) I encourage you to do it anyway.

You have nothing to lose.

Except the very real, very human fear of vulnerability.

Never stop climbing

Never stop climbing

A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.

~John A. Shedd




Happy humpday friends!

Long time no blog, eh? I had a super busy, fun filled weekend and started Monday morning off bright and early with a stomach virus that KO’d me the past 48 hours, so I am just now getting back into the swing of things.

When I grew up in New Mexico, Spring was my least favorite season. In New Mexico, it can still be very cold, it is always windy, and just generally tends to not be a real pleasant season.

It wasn’t until I moved to New York that I quickly found myself loving Spring. The flowers are beautiful, I think it’s the best weather of the entire calendar year, and it is so welcome after a long, grey East Coast winter.

I also love all the produce that is suddenly available. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter squash, root veggies and winter greens (kale, collards, chard), but after a while I crave a little more variety.

While the past few days I’ve done nothing even close to Spring Cleaning my diet (3 days of seafood-lobster rolls! oysters! pasta filled with every sea creature imaginable in Little Italy- all washed down with beer or wine; followed by 1 day of nothing but severely dehydrating myself  with a stomach virus; followed by 1 day of jello, ginger ale and saltines), I am excited to begin to eat some Spring-time produce.

Here’s what I have on my radar:


Peak: April-June

Nutritional Profile: 1 cup contains 100% of your daily Vitamin C needs and has 3.5 grams of fiber-women are recommended to eat roughly 25 grams of fiber daily, men roughly 38 grams.




Peak: March-June

Nutritional Profile: High in fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, and iron. I love asparagus-to me, they are Spring.



Peak: March-May

Nutritional Profile: High in fiber (just the bottom of one large ‘choke has 3 grams of fiber), iron, potassium, Vitamin C, folate, and magnesium.


Peak: April-July

Nutritional Profile: Good source of Vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Another vegetable I love, my parents grow a ton of rhubarb so I was lucky enough to grow up eating it in everything from homemade rhubarb muffins to raspberry rhubarb pie (with raspberries also coming from my parents garden <–crazy spoiled growing up).



Homemade rhubarb pie!

Morel Mushrooms:

Peak: March-June

Nutritional Profile: Morels are a great source of Vitamin D, copper, iron, and a good source of phosphorous and manganese. I love love love all mushrooms, but the texture of morels and the way they soak up sauces like a sponge makes them some of my favorites. If you are unfamiliar, definitely give these a try!


Sweet Cherries:

Peak: April-June

Nutritional Profile: Low in calories, high in fiber and potassium, cherries also contain a compound called anthocyanin (a phytochemical-plant chemical-which gives them their color) that scientists believe helps with post-exercise inflammation (such as lactic acid build up) and soreness. Find 100% cherry juice-or, better yet, between late Spring and early Summer, find the actual fruit-and go town! 1 cup of cherries is only 100 calories. Another fun fact about cherries, in the Indian theory of Ayurveda (one of my favorite nutrition theories), which emphasizes seasonal eating, they stress that berries and cherries are nature’s way of detoxing after a winter of heavy, fatty foods (think heavy meats and fats you eat all winter)-and in order for the body to truly detox and be ready to take in all the nutrients that summer foods have to offer, you cannot skip this “detox step”. First come berries (see strawberries, above :) ) and by the time cherries come around, it’s nature’s “last call” to prep the liver and cells for summer foods and cleanse the body of heavy winter foods. Kinda cool, huh?


Peak: March-June

Nutritional Profile: Another one high in Vitamin C and low in calories. I love the crunch and pepperiness of radishes on top of salads or in sandwiches.


What are some of your favorite Spring foods? New produce that comes with changing seasons is a great way to revamp your diet and find new recipes you want to try.

If you’re anything like me, the names of the above vitamins and minerals don’t mean anything if you have no clue what they do for your body, so here’s a basic breakdown of WHY I’m even telling you I like these nutrients in my food:

Vitamin C: Helps with growth and repair of cells and tissues all over the body. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant*.

Vitamin D: Important for healthy bones (and when combined with calcium can help prevent osteoporosis), muscle and nerve function, and immune functioning.

Zinc: An important trace mineral (the body only needs tiny amounts) for immune function.

Manganese: Maganese is an important mineral for bone health. It especially helps to build bone density in the spine-this makes it especially important for women in the post-menopausal phase. It also acts an antioxidant*, helps with metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels, alleviates PMS symptoms, helps with inflammation and sprains, prevents osteoporosis, helps with thyroid health, helps with brain and nervous system health, aids vitamin absorption, and has even been shown in studies to reduce epileptic seizures in people prone to them.

*Note: Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that form when a molecule combines with oxygen-they damage human cells and can cause cancer and other diseases-this is why you see all the hype about “excellent source of antioxidants“-it means a particular vitamin or mineral in a food helps to get rid of free radicals-I imagine a little sweeper coming through and sweeping up and “tossing” free radicals (like they’re garbage) from cells.

Phosphorous: Phosphorous is vital for the formation of bones and teeth,  helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats and helps the body make ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an important molecule that stores energy.  In addition, phosphorous works with B vitamins for healthy kidney function, nerve signaling, heartbeat function and muscle contractions.

Folate: Folate (folic acid when added to food, folate when found naturally in foods) plays an important role in red blood cell (erythrocyte) production, as well as the production, functioning and repair of DNA. That said, folate is vital during fetal development (why pregnant women need to get enough folate) because it helps with healthy spinal cord and brain development. Folate may also help reduce homocysteine (an amino acid in the blood-too much of it is related to a higher risk for coronary heart disease and stroke-the amount in the blood is largely genetic), helping with heart health. Several studies even suggest that a deficiency of folate may increase both depression and dementia.

Iron: Iron’s main role is to transport oxygen throughout the body. It is a component of hemoglobin, which is a protein in red blood cells that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the tissues. Iron is also an important component in myoglobin, a protein in muscle cells which uses oxygen. This is why if you are iron deficient, you feel tired all the time.

Potassium: Potassium is an important nutrient for cardiac function. It helps to lower LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) as well as lowering blood pressure.

Fiber: In addition to being for digestive health, fiber reduces blood pressure and inflammation and may help lower “bad” cholesterol by lowering low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in the body. Fiber also helps with the absorption of sugar, lowering blood sugar levels. Because it helps you feel full longer, fiber also is an important nutrient in maintaining a healthy weight. If you increase your fiber gradually (try adding 1 serving of produce or legumes daily and increase that each week until you get to the recommended 25 grams-for example, if you only eat 1 serving of produce a day, eat 2 servings/day for Week 1, Week 2 eat 3 servings/day, etc), you will have minimal digestive discomfort while adding fiber to your diet.

And there you have it! Your daily science lesson. :) Thanks for sticking with me if you’re still here!

I hope you try some of these seasonal foods-they are as delicious as they are nutritious.

Not sure what to make with them? Email me at laura@tchealthcoach.com and I will send you some recipe ideas.



***Disclaimer, I am not a doctor, clinical nutritionist or registered dietician. I AM a certified holistic health coach and have studied 100+ dietary theories. All my nutritional knowledge has been gained through that and my continued reading and research of nutrition on my own. This post is not meant to treat or diagnose any disease or ailment.

You are allowed to feel and express your emotions. There is no such thing as “young women don’t show anger”

You have the right to move away from using the word “bossy” if you happen to be more outspoken, too much of a “go-getter”, more expressive than society thinks women should be. You are not bossy, you are a woman displaying “typically” male behaviors. Oh, and you may also find yourself in a leadership or entrepreneurial position one day, or in a field that was once dominated be men.

Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses,

women for their strengths.

~Lois Wyse

Your plans and dreams may get derailed. If this happens, you are allowed to react however it is you need to in order to begin the healing process, in order to figure out how you want to reassess and move forward. Whether or not you need to be alone and cry for 48 hours or be angry at the world for 48 hours (or longer!), you are doing EXACTLY what you need to be doing for YOU. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for expressing a certain emotion to an experience that both hurts and jolts you.

One day you will want to be a grown woman, dreaming of a life you call your own, of a life where you are independent and devoting all your time to following your passion. The very next day you could be hating how scared and alone you feel, never wanting to grow up,  just wanting to be a little girl again. You are allowed to feel both ways, neither makes you unappreciative of your life, nor does it mean you are regressing or “growing up too fast”. You are simply coming to terms with what it means to YOU to become a woman.

You may find that you feel the most beautiful when you spend time on your hair and makeup. You may find that you feel the most beautiful when you wear no makeup at all and do nothing but wash and towel dry your hair. Don’t ever let anyone, whether or not that “anyone” is male or female, make you feel like you’re “superficial” or “try too hard” if you happen to feel the former. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t care or aren’t “put together” if you feel the latter.

Be willing to have an open mind and an open heart to both experiences and people you never thought were a “fit” for you or your lifestyle. You may be swept off your feet when you discover a hidden passion and talent, you may be swept off your feet when you fall deeply in love with the “type” of man you never thought you’d “be” with.

Learn early on how to set boundaries. Repeat after me: ” you are making me very uncomfortable. Walk away, now.”

Learn early on that other women are your friends, and just like you, want the same things out of life. Stop competing with them for attention, jobs, men (boys). Women cut each other down and can be more judgemental about one another’s bodies, slip-ups, or achievements than our male counterparts. Why? We should be on each other’s team, helping pick one another up when we fall and celebrating when we succeed. Every woman deserves to feel smart, beautiful, and fulfilled. Don’t take that away from her.

Never be afraid to fall. You WILL fall. It’s not about the fall, it’s about picking yourself and dusting yourself off with your head held high and a smile on your beautiful face.

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power.

You just take it.

~Roseanne Barr



Happy April!!

Colorado Columbine :)

Colorado Columbine :)

So far in NYC it’s looking like this really is shaping up to be the first week where we are going to have consistently warm weather. It feels sooooo good.

I don’t know about all of you, but it is definitely time for a little Spring Cleaning around here. After a long, cold, dark winter it is time to bring lots of fruits and veggies back and dust off that ol’ gym pass and (even better!) running shoes.


People always talk about how they gain weight during the holiday season and then just can’t get into a good workout and routine the rest of the winter.

I never knew what they were talking about and would always say “just don’t stop-period.” Until now.

Guys, I am SO far removed from any type of workout regimen and while I am getting better at cooking more meals at home, I will be the first to admit, I now completely “get” why so many working adults in big cities stop physical activity and order in every night.

Between long work hours, the accessibility to internet (email!) anytime/anywhere (meaning, you’re *expected* to answer work emails 24/7), long commutes, and groceries being arguably no cheaper (in some cases more expensive) than eating out/takeout, it is really easy to see how quickly and easily one can get out of a healthy routine. Once you DO stop? Man, saying getting back into it is ‘tough’ is putting it mildly.

Well friends, I have been “out of it” since September.

One of the last runs I took-last September-wearing David's Beats :)

One of the last runs I took-last September-wearing David’s Beats and rockin’ crazy hair


Have I gained *weight? No. I continue to lose weight because I no longer struggle with food and am surrounded by amazingly supportive, loving people.

*I should mention, I do not own a scale nor have I weighed myself in a good 3 years (I don’t even look at the doctor-I am going based on how my clothes fit)-luckily I’ve gained the self-awareness to realize that scales are a trigger point for me.

Movin' to Bk!

Movin’ to Bk in the big’ ol Uhaul!

Friday night rooftop fun with friends-Connie, Srujan, David, me, Stef, Dave

Friday night rooftop fun with friends-Connie, Srujan, David, me, Stef, Dave

Me, David, with our close friends Srujan and Connie

Me, David, with our close friends Srujan and Connie

While the “old Laura” would NEVER believe this-this is further proof that food does not make you fat. Nor does not working out.

But I genuinely love healthy living. Eating whole foods and daily sweat sessions give me endless energy, boost my confidence in every facet of my life, make my skin and hair healthy and strong, and keep both my mind and my body strong.

Moving to Brooklyn and adding commuting time to my daily routine (read: being terrible at accepting change to my neatly put together schedule), trying for a promotion at work, lots of traveling in the Fall, and then a brutal NYC winter all contributed to my long break from working out and not cooking at home nearly as much as I would like.

At the end of the day, though, those are all still excuses.

In order to reach a goal, you first have to define it.


What do you want to change? Why do you want to change? What steps are you going to need to make in order to reach your goal?

What: I want to get back into my daily workouts and cooking dinner at home at least 5 days a week and packing breakfast and lunch at least 4 days a week.

Why: As a Health Coach, I want to practice what I preach. I want to help manage stress levels and build a stronger immune system. I want to able to do 40 push-ups again. Hell, make it 50. I want to run a half-marathon in the fall. I want to get in the best shape and health possible because it is VITAL for a woman in her 20s. I want to sleep better and wake up earlier. I want to start saving money-meal planning and budget grocery shopping is a great way to help.


  • Sundays: Meal planning–> grocery lists and grocery shopping-no excuses
  • Sundays: Plan and schedule 5 workouts for the week–> put them in your calendar or phone as if they were a work meeting-you are taking time for your mental and physical health-start to see it’s true value and do not cancel on yourself
  • Start going to bed 30 minutes earlier–> it’s all about small, manageable steps

This is the basic process of goal setting. I encourage you to do it in every facet of your life whether or not it’s planning your studies, fine-tuning your work schedule and projects, financial planning, or building and maintaining healthy habits, breaking down your goals-and realizing why you want the “end” result to begin with-is vital if you want to create manageable, achievable goals.

Anyone else feeling the need to Spring Forward? Whether or not it’s your body, your health, your finances, or switching careers, it’s a great time to renew your mind, body, and life.

Begin somewhere;

you cannot build a reputation

on what you intend to do.

~Liz Smith, 

author and journalist




Good morning friends!

I hope everyone had a restorative and fun weekend and you’re feeling ready to get back into the work routine.

Since Mondays are not *quite* my favorite day of the week, I thought it would be fun to start a new series called Monday Motivation. You know, just in case you don’t exactly greet Monday with open arms, either. The focus will be on inspirational words, videos, songs…a little extra boost for your Monday.

This speech is great, I’m sure many of you have heard at least bits and pieces of it, if not the whole thing. My long-time friend Jean (I’m talking toddlers) sent it to me on Friday.

As soon as I watched it, I knew I wanted to incorporate it into the blog, and while I was thinking of ways to do so, I got the idea for Motivation Mondays-THANK YOU Jean!! :)

Childhood best friends (left to right) Mary, my sister Karen, me, and Jean-the 4 of us were inseparable. I mean, we're holding hands-ha!

Childhood best friends (left to right) Mary, my sister Karen, me, and Jean-inseparable. I mean, we’re holding hands-ha!

I find one thing that always helps me feel more motivated for my week is to plan out what I want to make sure I accomplish-both personally and professionally.

Meal planning, scheduling workouts, coming up with how much time I’m going to dedicate each day to health coaching… I find that if I take some time Sunday to look at my week ahead and actually schedule in time for these activities, not only am I much more likely to make them priorities, but I also feel more positive and motivated going into another work week.

Thoughts of the Day:

Do you ever find yourself lamenting the end of the weekend and feeling underprepared to tackle a new week?

What do you do to motivate yourself?

Make it a great Monday!



I first alluded to a big change and big plans at the beginning of the New Year.

Then this week I started to hint a little more.

Yesterday, I finally said what exactly this “big plan” is.

The name of my health and nutrition coaching practice is Trust Change Health Coaching.

Don’t wait. 

The time will never be just right.

~Napoleon Hill

Why? Mostly because I don’t trust change, haha. Well, I’m getting much better at it (self proclaimed? ;) ), but in general, throughout my entire life, if it’s not a change I expect (plan for) and want to happen? I fight it tooth and claw, throw a fit, and then have no idea how to face, cope with or adjust to said change.

I am a planner, a Scorpio, and stubborn to an obnoxious extent. Derail my plan and I don’t know which is end is up.

But, I’ve also overcome some of my toughest challenges, pulled myself up from rock bottom, and discovered my greatest version of myself and my life by learning to trust change.

Throughout our entire lives we go through stages of life defined by change.

Throughout our entire lives we experience victories and we experience failures, both of which are surrounded by change.

Throughout our entire lives our bodies and our health will experience change.

Throughout our entire lives we meet new people and we say goodbye to people, our relationships change.

As a species, we resist change. But if we learn to trust it, amazing opportunities, experiences and people will come into our lives that much more easily.

You may be disappointed if you fail,

but you are doomed if you don’t try.

~Beverly Sills

Check out my website to learn more about my health and nutrition coaching practice.

As always, I am always open to thoughts, comments, concerns-this is a 100% judgement free area. :) Feel free to email me at laura@tchealthcoach.com if you need an open ear.

Happy Friday!




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