I first alluded to a big change and big plans at the beginning of the New Year.

Then this week I started to hint a little more.

Yesterday, I finally said what exactly this “big plan” is.

The name of my health and nutrition coaching practice is Trust Change Health Coaching.

Don’t wait. 

The time will never be just right.

~Napoleon Hill

Why? Mostly because I don’t trust change, haha. Well, I’m getting much better at it (self proclaimed? ;) ), but in general, throughout my entire life, if it’s not a change I expect (plan for) and want to happen? I fight it tooth and claw, throw a fit, and then have no idea how to face, cope with or adjust to said change.

I am a planner, a Scorpio, and stubborn to an obnoxious extent. Derail my plan and I don’t know which is end is up.

But, I’ve also overcome some of my toughest challenges, pulled myself up from rock bottom, and discovered my greatest version of myself and my life by learning to trust change.

Throughout our entire lives we go through stages of life defined by change.

Throughout our entire lives we experience victories and we experience failures, both of which are surrounded by change.

Throughout our entire lives our bodies and our health will experience change.

Throughout our entire lives we meet new people and we say goodbye to people, our relationships change.

As a species, we resist change. But if we learn to trust it, amazing opportunities, experiences and people will come into our lives that much more easily.

You may be disappointed if you fail,

but you are doomed if you don’t try.

~Beverly Sills

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As always, I am always open to thoughts, comments, concerns-this is a 100% judgement free area. :) Feel free to email me at laura@tchealthcoach.com if you need an open ear.

Happy Friday!



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